I originally started model building in the early 1990's and have developed skill where I can since. In 2014 I started looking into building my own models using a resin solution like many others in the aftermarket world. I've built a lot of kits since. Most were scratchbuilds or custom kitbash jobs. Since I have a keen interest in 3D design, newer and replacement kits are 3D printed for optimum detail and accuarcy.

I'm UK Based which I'm told by model builders is rare, though the kits provided can be shipped worldwide (Please ensure you accurately select the correct PayPal buttons for correct shipping) and kits are enjoyed world wide.

My primary focus was Star Trek Enteprise as this seemed to be an overlooked area by the bigger Garage Kitters/Aftermarkets and am now branching into the Delta Quadrant races of Star Trek Voyager.

I hope you will purchase and support my kits and that they become the gem stones in your fleets!